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Nummer Merk Type Aandrijving Kenteken Opbouw Kleur
ME980585 Mercedes 923
4x2 4950-RX-33_ME980585-914.JPG (56455 bytes) Schuifzeil met laadklep

Curtainsider with tail lift

4950-RX-33_ME980585-874.JPG (53817 bytes)
ME980581 Mercedes 1223 L Atego 4x2 JFT-267_ME980581-562.JPG (52139 bytes) Koelwagen met laadklep

Inside curtain dividers

Frigobox with tail lift
JFT-267_ME980581-559.JPG (57068 bytes)
ME980579 Mercedes 1828 L Atego 4x2 BR-HS-82
Laadbak/Cargo plateau 7050x2450x1300 mm / 4x2 Atego
Laadbak, aluminium

Palfinger PK11001 A

Platform, aluminium sideboards

Palfinger, remote control. 4x2 Atego 1828 L
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ME980370 Mercedes 814 4x2 Oprijwagen / Mooie Mercedes 814 Oprijwagen

Car / Machine transporter

Nice Mercedes transporter - 814 - excellent truck
ME980558 Mercedes 819 L 4x2 Meubelbak - inclusief zijdeur Gesloten

Furniture Van

MERCEDES Closed cargobox - with back and side doors
ME980553 Mercedes 1019 AF
4x4 F-R-1178_ME980553-027S.JPG (44682 bytes) Brandweerauto
Ziegler SW2000
Fire Truck
ME980553_F-R-1178-017.JPG (44475 bytes)
ME980555 Mercedes 1117 4x2
6.500 Liter


Tank truck
Drinking water
Eau potable
ME980501 Mercedes 1317 4x2 BD-LL-75 Gesloten+Laadklep

Inside: 710x246x257 Cm

Box with tail lift



Mercedes 1824 AK 4x4 2 Fuel tankers 4 and 5 compartments / 2 citernes / 2 Tank Lkw 2 Tankwagens

2 Fuel tanker - 4 and 5 compartments with pump and counter

2 Fuel tankers 4 and 5 compartments / 2 citernes / 2 Tank Lkw
ME980318 Mercedes 410 D 4x2 VN-69-JX Gesloten

Box Van

ME980466 Mercedes 809 4x2 BOX van - Mercedes 4x2 - Ref. ME980466 Gesloten

Box Van

BOX van - Mercedes 4x2 - Ref. ME980466
ME980457 Mercedes LP 913 4x2 BJ-36-NL Tankwagen

Fuel tanker - 2 compartments

ME980346 Mercedes 1017 AK 4x4 CKN-419 Laadbak Kraan

Truck with Crane

Mercedes 1017 AK 4x4 Cargo Truck with crane - Plateau avec grue
ME980347 Mercedes 1417 4x2 KPN-967 Laadbak Kraan

Cargo Truck with Crane

ME980489 Mercedes 1617 K 4x2 TUD-942  Laadbak Kraan

Truck with Crane

ME980489 Mercedes - Crane HIAB 650 / Porteur avec HIAB grue
ME980494 Mercedes 1617 CAK 4x4 VB-56-YZ Container Ketting

Tipper Container Chain System

ME980502 Mercedes 1617 CAK 4x4 BR-30-ZK Container Haak Kraan

Tipper Container Hook System with Crane

ME980470 Mercedes 1617 CK 4x2 ETB-995 3 zijd Kipper Kraan

3-way Tipper with Crane

ME980470 - 1617 CK - 4x2 - Camion benne basculante avec grue
ME980272 Mercedes 1617 CL 4x2 VG-57-XH Laadbak

Cargo Truck

Mercedes B / cargo truck / fixed roof
ME980511 Mercedes 1717 AK 4x4 VP-77-TS 3 zijd Kipper Kraan

3-way Tipper with Crane

Mercedes 1717 AK - Crane ATLAS 80.1
ME980405 Mercedes 1722 CK 4x2 VV-86-VS 3 zijd Kipper Kraan

3-way Tipper with Crane

ME980504 Mercedes 1722 AK 4x4 Mercedes benne - tout traction 4x4 A.W. Kipper

Rear Tipper

Hinterkipper Mercedes - Allrad 4x4
ME980534 Mercedes 1722 AK 4x4 NWP-961 Container Haak Kraan

Tipper Container Hook System with Crane

ME980534 - Ampliroll avec grue HIAB 090
ME980507 Mercedes 1820 AK 4x4 ex Kommunal Lkw / Municipallity truck - ex gemeente auto / 4x4 Kipper Kraan

Tipper truck with crane

4x4 - camion tout terrain / Mercedes-Benz
ME980505 Mercedes 1824 AK 4x4 LZC-643 3 zijd Kipper Kraan

3-way Tipper with Crane

Tribenne avec grue / Driezijdige kipper met kraan / Mercedes 4x2
ME980492 Mercedes 1920 4x2 3 zijd Kipper Kraan

AK 100.1 A2

3-way Tipper with Crane

ME980433 Mercedes 1922 AK 4x4 94-78-KA Chassis cabine 4x4 Mercedes chassis
ME980336 Mercedes 1924 LAK 4x4 GP-XE-31 Kraan/Bergingstruck

Towing and Salvage Truck

Salvage Truck - Bergingstruck - 1924 LAK 4x4
ME980227 Mercedes 1928 AK 4x4 VJ-97-ZN 3 zijdige Kipper Kraan

3-way Tipper with Crane

CC980010 - Dreiseitenkipper - Benne basculante - Tribenne
ME980449 Mercedes 1928 K 4x2 LMY-397 Open met kraan

Platform truck with Crane

Platform truck - Plateau - avec grue
ME980469 Mercedes 1935 4x2 7416-SJ-17 Trekker

Truck Tractor

ME980451 Mercedes 1935 AK 4x4 BF-SV-96 3 zijd Kipper Kraan

13 T/M

3-way Tipper with Crane

Truck with 13 T/M crane - full traction - Allrad Mercedes Drei Seitenkipper
ME980401 Mercedes 1935 S 4x2 GX-04-03 Trekker Geel
ME980369 Mercedes 1935 LS 4x2 BX-37-TK Trekker

Tractor Head

Mercedes Benz tractor head - SZM - Sattelzugmaschine
ME980400 Mercedes 1948 S 4x2 Mercedes 1948 S - 480 HP Tractor head Trekker

Tractor Head

Mercedes 1948 S - 480 HP Camion tracteur
ME980493 Mercedes 2024 AK 4x4 BD-TG-52 3 zijd Kipper Kraan

3-way Tipper with Crane

4x4 Tipper truck with crane - tribenne Mercedes avec grue
ME980557 Mercedes 2031 A 4x4 Click for more details - Multi function airport truck - Cleaning / sweeping / blowing Unique truck:

Jet Sweeper Truck

Airport truck / click for more details - unique truck 4x4
ME980475 Mercedes 2435 L 6x2 HVV-180 Kipper Kraan

Tipper with Crane

Extra long chassis - Tipper with crane



Mercedes 1 x 2624 LK

2 x 2624 LAK

Mercedes 2624 LK - 6x4 A.W. Kipper

Rear Tipper

Mercedes 2624 / 6x6 / Tout traction - Allrad - Four wheel drive
ME980001 Mercedes 2628 K 6x4 DN-20-56 Vuilnisopbouw Oranje
ME980128 Mercedes 2628 K 6x4 MERCEDES-BENZ 2628K - Hinterkipper / Benne basculante A.W. Kipper

Rear Tipper

Mooie kipper - Tipper as new - Mercedes
ME980460 Mercedes 2628 K 6x4 TOP condition Mercedes 6x4 A.W. Kipper

Rear Tipper

Mercedes 6x4 - 10 pneus - Benne
ME980497 Mercedes 2628 K 6x4 Mercedes / benne basculante / 6x4 A.W. Kipper

Rear Tipper

Mercedes 6x4 Kipper
ME980548 Mercedes 2628 AK 6x6 Rear tipper / Benne basculante / Hinterkipper - 6x6 Mercedes A.W. Kipper

Rear Tipper

Like NEW - Rear tipper / Benne basculante / Hinterkipper - 6x6 Mercedes
ME980577 Mercedes 2628 K 6x4 6x4 Mercedes-Benz - Long chassis Chassis cabine Mercedes-Benz / Fahrgestell 6x4 - Chassis truck 6x4
ME980518 Mercedes 2629 AS 6x6 Heavy Duty truck ! Full traction - EFFER Crane 14100 Trekker met kraan

Crane Effer 14100

Tractor Head with crane

Truck 6x6 2629AS / Crane EFFER 14.100
ME980410 Mercedes 2629 K 6x4 Cleaning truck with HUWER Suction and jetting unit for municipal and industrial cleaning Kolkenzuiger


Suction and jetting truck

Kolkenzuiger / Vacuum truck / Rioolreiniging enz.
ME980254 Mercedes 2629 K 6x4 PFR-520 Kipper Kraan Wit
ME980277 Mercedes 2629 K 6x4 VG-75-SZ Container kabel

Tipper container cable system

6x4 / 2629 Mercedes / Cable system tipper truck
ME980197 Mercedes 2631 K 6x4 ME980197_AT-12CW-856.JPG (43611 bytes) A.w. Kipper

Rear Tipper

ME980197_AT-12CW-860.JPG (69887 bytes)
ME980591 Mercedes 2631 K 6x4 ME980591_TA-13CW-850.JPG (44152 bytes) Tankwagen
Milk / Water tank
ME980591_TA-13CW-852.JPG (36349 bytes)
ME980194 Mercedes 2635 K 6x4 5252-VV60 A.w. Kipper

Rear Tipper

ME980195 Mercedes 2635 K 6x4 709-ABY91 A.w. Kipper

Rear Tipper

ME980454 Mercedes 2635 K 6x4 STL-NE45 Container Haak

Tipper container cable system

ME980454 - Cable container truck 6x4


Mercedes 2635 K

2 Units

6x4 ME980199_ME980251-619.JPG (59270 bytes) Trekker

Tractor head

ME980199_ME980251-617.JPG (66007 bytes)
ME980441 Mercedes 2638 K 6x4 CUX-BF89 Container Haak

Tipper container hook system

ME980503 Mercedes 2638 K 6x4 Excellent container truck - Mercedes 2638 Container Kabel

Tipper container cable system

Abrollkipper - Mercedes 2638
ME980264 Mercedes 2648 S 6x4 VD-94-PN Trekker

Tractor head

ME980360 Mercedes 2650 S 6x4 Zwaar transport trekker 6x4 - 500 PK Trekker hydraulic

Tractor with hydraulic

Heavy duty tractor head 6x4 - new engine
ME980391 Mercedes 2729 K 6x4 Truck 2729 / 2629 6x4 Tipper / Hinterkipper A.w. Kipper

Rear Tipper

Truck 2729 / 2629 6x4 Tipper / Hinterkipper



2729 K


Truck Mercedes 6x4 / crane Ferrari 087-2 / ME980531

Container Haak Kraan

Crane Ferrari 087-2

Tipper container Hook system with Crane

Truck Mercedes 6x4 / crane Ferrari 087-2 / ME980531

ME980261 Mercedes 2729 AK 6x6 Hinterkipper 6x6 - Mercedes 2729 AK A.w. Kipper

Rear Tipper

Tout traction 6x6 - Benne arriere Mercedes 2729 AK
ME980206 Mercedes 2735 AK 6x6 ME980206 Ampliroll - System crochet - Mercedes 6x6 Container Haak

Tipper Container Hook System

ME980206 Container truck - Hook system - Mercedes 6x6
ME980568 Mercedes 3235 8x4 8x4 Canalmaster F180 - Rioolreiniger Kolkenzuiger

Canalmaster F180

Suction and cleaning truck

mit Wasserrückgewinnung
ME980104 Mercedes 3336 AK 8x8 T 1907 A.w. Kipper

Rear Tipper

ME980143 Mercedes 3336 K 8x4 BT-98-ZK Container kabel

Tipper Container Cable System

ME980121 Mercedes 3535 AK 8x8 NFS-628 A.w. Kipper

Rear Tipper

8x8 Mercedes Kipper - Allrad - 3535 AK - Hinterkipper


SK Truck


3535 AK 8x8 CKR-780
Mercedes-Benz / 8x8 Tipper truck / ALLRAD Kipper
A.w. Kipper

Rear Tipper

Mercedes-Benz / 8x8 Tipper truck / ALLRAD Kipper / Benne 12 pneus
ME980402 SK Truck


3535 AK 8x8 ME980402_BI-4280-CF-004.JPG (47046 bytes) A.w. Kipper

Rear Tipper

ME980402_BI-4280-CF-997.JPG (59275 bytes)
ME980472 SK Truck


3535 AK 8x8 ME980472_8929-BTP-022.JPG (54294 bytes) A.w. Kipper

Rear Tipper

ME980472_8929-BTP-010.JPG (64430 bytes)
ME980218 SK Truck


3635 AK 8x8 VK-87-GZ A.w. Kipper

Rear Tipper

ME980375 SK Truck


3635 K 8x4 PNN-346 A.w. Kipper

Rear Tipper

ME980293 SK Truck


3635 K 8x4 VF-95-YS A.w. Kipper

Rear Tipper

ME980266 SK Truck


3635 K 8x4 VR-27-VY Kipper Container Haak

Tipper Container Hook System

ME980527 SK Truck


3635 K 8x4 VR-83-XD Chassis cabine

Also as tipper, container, tractor truck

Chassis cabin

ME980527 - Chassis cabin, also as tipper, tractor, container truck
ME980069 SK Truck


3638 AK 8x8 BS-02-TZ Betonmixer

Tippermixer - CIFA 14m3

Concrete Mixer

Mixertruck - Melaxeur a beton - Betonmischer Lkw / Kipper / Benne / Tipper
ME980047 Mercedes 3744 AK 8x8 BB-ZS-55 A.w. Kipper Rood
ME980291 Mercedes 4038 K 8x4 ZIV-413 Chassis Cab Long chassis - Mercedes
ME980462 Mercedes 4153 S 8x4 CO-VE-52146 H.D. Trekker Hydr.
ME980471 Mercedes 4438 AK 8x8 VI-1902-W A.w. Kipper

Rear tipper

ME980471 - 8x8 Mercedes tipper 4438 AK Allrad
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