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Below our Mercedes Actros trucks ! Again, truck of the year !


ME980592 Mercedes 2043 Actros

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4x4 AB-EX540_ME980592-308.JPG (48857 bytes) Trekker met hydrauliek

Tractor head with tipper hydraulic

AB-EX540_ME980592-305.JPG (57941 bytes)
ME980587 Mercedes 1845 LS Actros


APK / TÜV 12-2018

4x2 BZ-VV-41

BZ-VV-41_ME980587-783.JPG (61247 bytes)

Tractor head

Full Options

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BZ-VV-41_ME980587-781.JPG (47910 bytes)
Reference Make Typ Traction Registration Version
ME980585 Mercedes 923
4x2 4950-RX-33_ME980585-914.JPG (56455 bytes) Schuifzeil met laadklep

Curtainsider with tail lift

4950-RX-33_ME980585-874.JPG (53817 bytes)
ME980581 Mercedes 1223 L
4x2 JFT-267_ME980581-562.JPG (31306 bytes) Koelwagen met laadklep

Frigobox with tail lift

JFT-267_ME980581-559.JPG (34064 bytes)
ME980579 Mercedes 1828 L
4x2 BR-HS-82

Laadbak/Cargo plateau 7050x2450x1300 mm / 4x2 Atego
Laadbak, aluminium

Palfinger PK11001 A

Platform, aluminium sideboards

Palfinger, remote control. 4x2 Atego 1828 L
ME980582 Mercedes 1843 LS Actros 4x2 Mercedes 1843 LS - Also with tipper trailer MINERVA 3 axles Trekker Hydraulic

Tractor head with hydraulic

Mercedes Actros 4x2 - 1843 LS
ME980550 Mercedes 1843 Actros 4x2 Actros 1943 - Tractor head / tipping hydraulic Trekker Hydraulic

Tractor head with hydraulic

Nice Mercedes Actros 1943 with tipping hydraulic

Mercedes 2553 Actros 6x2 INOX Watertank - 14000 Liter each - with pumps Tank trucks
INOX tanks with pump
14.000 Liter
2 Tanktrucks - Actros 2553 - 14000 Liter each
ME980586 Mercedes 2640 K Actros 6x4 ME980586_STX-520-418.JPG (66666 bytes) Haak afzetsysteem

Container Hook system

ME980586_STX-520-405.JPG (47975 bytes)
ME980496 Mercedes 3335 K Actros 6x4 SHS-412_ME980496-009.JPG (163840 bytes) Haak afzetsysteem

Container Hook system

SHS-412_ME980496-004.JPG (163840 bytes)
ME980521 Mercedes 3340 AK Actros 6x6 3335 AK Actros 6x6 - HMF Kraan - Crane - Grue- Kran 2 Zijd. Kipper met Kraan

CRANE HMF 1463 K2 (B3)

2 way Tipper with Crane

3335 AK Actros 6x6 - HMF Kraan - Crane - Grue- Kran
ME980564 Mercedes 3340 Actros 6x4 Mercedes Actros 3340 - Container haaksysteem Haak afzetsysteem

Container Hook system
Actros 3340 - Ampliroll / System crochet - 10 pneus



Mercedes 3340 AK Actros

3 identical trucks

6x6 BJ-GS-58



2 Zijd. Kipper met Kraan

With Crane TIRRE Euro 131 and hydraulic side board

2 way Tipper with Crane

3340 Actros Mercedes - Tirre 131 crane - excellent truck
ME980575 Mercedes 3340 Actros 6x4 NLW-411_ME980575-454_2.JPG (62612 bytes) Kipper kraan

Palfinger PK 14080

Tipper truck with crane

NLW-411_ME980575-463.JPG (59130 bytes)
ME980584 Mercedes 3343 Actros 6x4 Mercedes 3343 - Kipper - 10 banden A.w. kipper

Rear tipper

Mercedes 3343 - Hinterkipper - Rear tipper - Benne basculante - 10 pneus
ME980535 Mercedes 4140 Actros 8x6 BG-SH-45 Haak afzetsysteem

Container Hook system

ME980495 Mercedes 4140 Actros 8x8 BG-LJ-63 Kabel afzetsysteem

Container Cable system

ME980517 Mercedes 4143 Actros 8x8 BH-SB-68 A.w. kipper

Rear tipper

Benne basculante - ME980517 Actros 8x8
ME980486 Mercedes 4143 Actros 8x8 BG-VT-60 A.w. kipper

Insulated body

Rear tipper

Mercedes Actros 8x8 - Hinterkipper / Asfaltkipper
ME980554 Mercedes 4150 Actros 8x4 Hinterkipper - 8x4 - Actros 4150 K - 500 HP / Mercedes A.w. kipper

Rear tipper

Actros 4150 K 8x4 - Rear tipper / Mercedes Benz


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Panorama - Some of our Actros trucks

Panaroma - some of our Actros trucks