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Tipper Container Trucks

- In general, container system trucks are offered without container/tipping body -
OOK losse systemen - Afzetbakken in alle maten  //  ONLY systems also available - Hook/Cable/Chain - Containers in all sizes

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Ref. Number Make Model Traction Registration Container Truck Color

       Tipper container trucks - CHAIN system   KETTING - CHAIN - KETTEN SYSTEM   DAF - Ginaf - MAN - Volvo Terberg

DA980104 DAF 75 CF 250 4x2 BJ-TD-18
DA980104_BJ-TD-18-904.JPG (57753 bytes)
Container haak systeem met kraan

Container hooksystem with crane
DA980104_BJ-TD-18-903.JPG (50787 bytes)
DA980075 DAF 85.330 6x4 VX-04-KT Kettingsysteem

Chain System

GI980125 Ginaf G 3333 S 6x6 VR-93-DY Kettingsysteem

Chain System

GINAF - Kettingsysteem - Ampliroll chain - Abrollkipper Ketten System
GI980180 Ginaf M 4243 TS 8x4 BH-JX-48 Kettingsysteem

BM Air cabin filter- -overpressure system

Chain System

GINAF Abrollkipper Ketten GI980180
MA980012 MAN 26.361 6x6 BN-70-LP Kettingsysteem

Chain System

MA980077 MAN 26.361 8x4 BY-15-VD Kettingsysteem

Chain System

ME980494 Mercedes 1617 CAK 4x4 VB-56-YZ Kettingsysteem

Chain System



27 S 37




Chain System

ST980027 - 6x6 - Container truck - chain system

TE980063 Volvo
FM1450 6x4 6x4 Container truck / ketting systeem / >6 mtr. containers / 420 PK Kettingsysteem

Chain System

Chain system / containers >6 Mtr. / 420 HP / Terberg
DAF - MAN - Mercedes - Scania - Volvo          Container Tipper with cable system       Tipper container trucks - CABLE system
IV980060 Iveco 330.34 6x6 Iveco 330.34 / Euro Trakker / Tipper truck / Full traction Cable System Iveco EuroTrakker / 6x6 / Cable system
MA980334 MAN 17.192 4x2 FCL-663 Container Kabel met  Kraan

Tipper Container Cable System with Crane

MAN met kraan, hoogzit, container kabel systeem
MA980242 MAN 18.232 4x4 MAN 18.192 Kabel systeem met kraan - Amploroll - Absetzkipper Tipper Container Cable System with Crane

3 zijdige kipper / 3 way tipper

MA980076 MAN 19.232 4x2 BG-10-KK Cable System Red
MA980146 MAN 21.363 4x2 BF-DR-13 Cable System MAN 4x2 Containertruck Cable - Absetzer Kabel System
MA980058 MAN 25.281 6x2 BJ-91-FV Cable System Green
MA980115 MAN 26.240 6x4 BN-19-HD Cable System Red
MA980074 MAN 26.361 6x6 BJ-71-DS Cable System Green
MA980094 MAN 26.361 6x6 FYG-778

Container Kabel met  Kraan

Tipper container truck with Crane

Kabelsysteem / Cable system / Absetzkipper MAN 6x6
MA980207 MAN 26.372 6x4 BB-NH-26 Cable System BB-NH-2601_2.JPG (34023 bytes)
MA980335 MAN 27.362 6x6 MAN - 6x6 - Crane truck - Palfinger PK16000

Container Kabel met  Kraan

Palfinger PK16000

Tipper container truck with Crane

MAN - 6x6 - Ampliroll avec grue - Palfinger PK16000
MA980145 MAN 27.422 6x6 VG-09-TX Cable System MAN 6x6 Kabelysteem MA980145
MA980086 MAN 36.361 8x8 BS-67-SP Cable System
MA980260 MAN 37.372 8x4 MAN 37.372 Kabel afzetsysteem met kraan HIAB 195

Container Kabel

CRANE - HIAB 195-2

Tipper Container Cable System with Crane

MAN 37.372 Ampliroll - crane HIAB 195
ME980277 Mercedes 2629 K 6x4 VG-75-SZ Cable System 6x4 / 2629 Mercedes / Cable system tipper truck
ME980503 Mercedes 2638 K 6x4 BF-SV-56 Cable System Abrollkipper - Mercedes 2638
ME980143 Mercedes 3635 K 8x4 BT-98-ZK Cable System
ME980495 Mercedes 4140 Actros 8x8 BG-LJ-63 Cable System
SC980013 Scania 112 8x4 BS-50-RV Cable System
SC980042 Scania 144 G 6x2 BD-VS-31 Cable System
ST980032 Steyr 26 S 31 6x6 VF-28-LH Cable System
 Tipper container trucks - HOOK system DA980071 DAF - Ginaf - Iveco - MAN - Mercedes - Renault - Scania
DA980071 DAF 2500 6x4 LLT-243 Hook System



95 XF 530

530 HP

8x4 DAF 95XF530 - Haken Absetzer mit Kran

Container haaksysteem met kraan

TIRRE 181 - 18 T/M

Tipper Container Cable System

DAF 95XF530 - Haak container systeen met kraan
GI980159 Ginaf M 3333 S 6x6 BH-PS-97 Hook System
GI980176 Ginaf M 4243 TS 8x4 BH-ND-40 Hook System Haaklsysteem - Extra zware uitvoering - GI980176 8x4
IV980021 Iveco 256 M 26 6x6 BK-80-KS Hook System with Crane IVECO - Haaksysteem met kraan / 6x6 - Hook system truck with crane
IV980017 Iveco 320 M 26 6x4 BJ-45-HF Hook System Iveco / Magirus-Deutz - 6x4 - Afrolkipper - Abrollkipper
MA980165 MAN 19.240 4x2 BJ-02-PJ Hook System MA980165 Haakarm / 4x2 / Systeme crochet
MA980009 MAN 26.281 6x6 62-HB-71 Hook System White
MA980185 MAN 26.331 6x4 JUN-694 Hook System 6x4 MAN truck Haakarm / Abroller MA980185
MA980075 MAN 26.361 6x6 BK-83-LH Hook System Red
MA980202 MAN 33.372 6x6 EJL-652 Hook System
MA980164 MAN 32.422 6x6 JBA-418 Hook System MAN MA980164 - 6x6 - Benne basculante systeme crochet - Absetzer
MA980066 MAN 36.361 8x8 BJ-55-ZV Hook System
MA980252 MAN 41.372 8x4 MAN 41.372 - Hooksystem truck 8x4 Hook System MAN 41.372 - Hooksystem truck 8x4
MA980180 MAN 41.422 8x8 VR-29-HY Hook System
ME980502 Mercedes 1617 CAK 4x4 BR-30-ZK Hook System with Crane
ME980534 Mercedes 1722 CAK 4x4 NWP-961 Hook System with Crane ME980534 - Ampliroll avec grue HIAB 090
ME980454 Mercedes 2635 K 6x4 STL-NE45 Hook System
ME980441 Mercedes 2638 K 6x4 CUX-BF89 Hook System
ME980586 Mercedes 2640 K 6x4 ME980586_STX-520-418.JPG (66666 bytes) Hook system ME980586_STX-520-405.JPG (47975 bytes)



2729 K



Container Haak Kraan

Crane Ferrari 087-2

Tipper container Hook system with Crane

Truck Mercedes 6x4 / crane Ferrari 087-2 / ME980531

ME980206 Mercedes 2735 AK 6x6 ME980206 Ampliroll - System crochet - Mercedes 6x6 Hook System ME980206 Container truck - Hook system - Mercedes 6x6
ME980496 Mercedes 3335 Actros 6x4 Haaksysteem - Mercedes Actros 3335 K 6x4 - Hakensystem Hook System Actros 3335 K - 6x4 - Ampliroll - Haaksysteem
ME980564 Mercedes 3340 Actros 6x4 Mercedes Actros 3340 - Container haaksysteem Haak afzetsysteem

Container Hook system
Actros 3340 - Ampliroll / System crochet - 10 pneus
ME980266 Mercedes 3635 K 8x4 VR-27-VY Hook System
ME980476 Mercedes 4140 Actros 8x4 BJ-GV-66 Hook System
ME980535 Mercedes 4140 Actros 8x6 BG-SH-45 Hook System
DI980098 Renault G 290 6x2 VB-56-TX Hook System Renault - ampliroll - hooktruck / kipper met haaksysteem
SC980027 Scania 93 6x4 GXE-277 Hook System Blue
ST980016 Steyr 33 S 34 8x4 VJ-52-FR Hook System Red



FM 2850


Container Haak

45 Tons System

Tipper Container Hook System



Terberg Benschop FL1350WDG 6x6



Hook System



Stock of 6



Haaksysteem / Hook system truck - Make Volvo 6x4 / N10

Hook System

In Original army color or repainted available

Haaksysteem / Hook system truck - Make Volvo 6x4 / N10



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